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Download a synopsis of our courses here...  Trainer Course - 12 Weeks -- Dual Purpose Handler Course - 5 Weeks -- Detector Dog Course - 4 Weeks

USK9's Dog Training Academy is a full functional canine training academy offering today's very best and most advanced and up to date training techniques in the world to those committed to becoming a professional Canine Handler.

USK9 is known world wide for setting standards for others to follow and it is this impeccable reputation and discipline that is the cornerstone of every aspect of training that allows USK9 to produce some of the best dogs and handlers in the world.

The training Academy utilizes proprietary techniques developed by world renown Master Trainer and K9 Expert Roger Abshire, techniques NOT known or practiced anywhere else in the industry. The Training Academy operates within USK9 Unlimited and under the direction and control of Master Trainer/K9 Expert Roger Abshire. All academy cadets are afforded direct hands on instruction, guidance and practical experience by Master Trainer/K9 Expert Roger Abshire.

A professional and knowledgeable staff at USK9 are committed to making sure that USK9 continues its reputation of producing great handlers, ONE HANDLER AT A TIME, ensuring that every handler that comes through the academy receives 100 percent from every aspect possible.

The academy offers a choice of varying training levels from the basic course to instructor certified courses, all of which have been developed and modified over the last 22 years, with refinement each year to ensure that USK9 remains the world leader in dog and handler training. All courses include classroom instruction and testing designed to teach the cadets the importance of record keeping, report writing and many techniques to assist them in working and caring for their dog after they graduate. The courses offered within the academy all include many hours of one on one and group hands on training with the dogs to include individual practical demonstrations and proficiency grading to ensure that the handler has mastered the techniques being taught as they progress toward certification by Master Instructor Trainer/K9 Expert Roger Abshire.

USK9's Dog Training Academy utilizes a progressive teaching approach in its methodology to teach handlers in a wide array of areas to include both the domestic pet owner's needs and the professional needs of law enforcement, governmental, military and personal protection. It is our belief that the student to teacher ratio be kept low, to ensure that all the cadets get enough attention and time with the trainers. The cadets enter the academy as an apprentice and become fully involved in all aspects of training and business activities of the school to include participating in behavioral interviews with clients, in service training, and follow up or remedial training. Cadets may even assist in seminars held at the Academy and special events like call outs for service, competitive obedience and K9 sports trails or related events held with the many handlers and agencies that have graduated the academy before. Additionally, Cadets leave with a wealth of valuable contacts and information as they network with other handlers and agencies in the course of their studies and presence at the Academy.

US K9 Canine offers structured courses and certification for trainers in the following areas of instruction:

  • Professional Obedience Trainer (including behavior modification).
  • Police K-9 Instructor
  • Police K9 Handler Courses
  • Detection Dog Trainer
  • Protection Trainer & Decoy
  • Search & Rescue Trainer
  • Accelerated Trainer Courses (professional Obedience, protection, detection, and SAR)

USK9 prides itself on its reputation which was built one customer at a time for the last 22 years. We make claim to be the "BEST IN THE BUSINESS" and do so with customer satisfaction in mind. Whether it's the home owner wanting basic obedience or the military needing to train and deploy multiple teams over seas, USK9 has the experience, knowledge and professional staff to simply "GET THE JOB DONE" .

There are two things often said in the "DOG INDUSTRY";

"I have an Abshire dog!" ..... OR..... "I WANT an Abshire dog!

Continuing Maintenance and Refresher Training

All handlers who successfully complete our training program leave with a solid foundation and knowledge to successfully handle their K9.  They also have 24-hour access to our trainers.  In order for any K9 team to be effective, a regular training schedule must be strictly followed.  We realize that once a team leaves our faculty, questions and training issues may arise.  Because of this, US K9 provides support not only to the handler but also to the departments who have invested their communities' money and trust. Our solution to this is to offer several opportunities for the teams to thrive.

In order to address any ongoing handler and training issues, we offer a program for a year of maintenance or problem solving techniques. This program goes beyond the foundation that the K9 team was exposed to when first purchased and consists of training at US K9 Unlimited for one day a month for twelve months. With this refresher training, the handlers return to their departments with new information that they can apply to their current training program. Handlers come to the program prepared with any issues they want to address or areas they wish to improve on so that the day can be utilized to its fullest.  Record keeping will be reviewed for benefit of the team.

Should a year of maintenance be more than what a team desires, US K9 can evaluate a particular situation and make recommendations. Roger can customize a training day or a maintenance program that can be very effective in a K9 team's success. This can be applied to an individual handler or a department's K9 division. Because this is a custom plan, contact US K9 for prices.

Non-Law Enforcement Dog Owner Training

US K9 Unlimited can offer advice to owners of dogs even though they are not law enforcement related.  Roger can guide you in the right direction with any issues you may have concerning your dog, regardless of whether the dog was purchased from us, a breeder, or rescued from a shelter. If you live too far from US K9 to visit our facility, or if you simply want advice on how to train a dog on your own, we offer a Personal Trainer Email Program.  For a small monthly fee, you can ask as many questions as you wish concerning issues with your dog. Your questions about obedience, behavior, personal protection, sporting dogs or search and rescue will be answered with in 24 hours. We also offer obedience and advanced obedience training programs. Contact US K9 Unlimited for prices. 
Licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Licensed by the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

Licensed by the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

Member of Desertsnow