U S K 9  U N L I M I T E D

He has trained over 5,000 teams worldwide. Roger has won Top Honors/Competitions in organizations such as USPCA, NNDDA, CSI, NPCA, CCA, and the National Police Olympics. 
This Program of Instruction will be covered in the classroom as well as practical application in the field. This course will prepare the student to conduct training/refresher training for police K9 functions to include: 

  • Basic & Advanced Obedience 

  • Agility 

  • Tracking 

  • Handler Protection 

  • Criminal Apprehension 

  • Building Searches 

  • Narcotic/Explosive Searches 

  • Evidence Searches 

  • Tactical Training 

  • Procurement & Selection of Dogs 

  • Personal Protection 

  • Advanced Police Canine Agitator/Decoy Techniques 

  • Proper Sleeve Applications 

  • Muzzle Work 

  • Tactical Training 

  • Liability 

  • Courtroom Testimony 

  • Program Organization & Operation 

  • Deployment & Proper Utilization of Training Equipment 

  • Selection &Testing of police dog prospects (using our own proprietary techniques that have been deemed a trade secret by the US Government)