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Become a Dog Trainer

Training dogs should not be a profession, as then it becomes just a job. It must be with purpose and passion. Only then can training move from imposition of facts, theories, concepts, and belief systems  to an existential exploration of truth. This dog training system (TMS) is based on Mother Nature. The methodology that is applied here in that, the human builds a partnership with the dog. You will learn correct canine fundamentals of communication, proper mechanics, with classroom and hands on apprenticeship that will give you the ultimate in all areas of exposure.


This program is designed for incoming beginners or trainers looking to advance their knowledge and application. In the Programs we continue to build on what you've have currently learned and give you state-of-the-art real-world training. Graduates of USK9 program are in extremely high demand across the country, and often become very successful entrepreneurs and employees. Contact TEAM USK9 today, and begin a successful career where you never work a day in your life. 337-315-2966

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