U S K 9  U N L I M I T E D

This course prepares students to conduct in-service training for police K9 functions of detection and patrol work including specific instruction in the following areas: 

  • Canine Learning Theory and Behavior 

  • Patrol Functions 

  • Scent Work 

  • Record Keeping 

  • Criminal apprehension 

  • K9 Policy and Guidelines 

  • Decoy techniques 

  • Obedience and agility 
    The USK9 Curriculum includes extensive hands on training, coursework, quizzes and a cumulative final exam. The handler’s course consists of five weeks of training. Handlers are required to be on site for training Tuesday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. 
    Learning Outcomes: 

    • Students will demonstrate knowledge of and application of the proper handling, nutrition, 
      and applied K9 conditioning. 

    • Students will demonstrate written and oral communication skills appropriate for the K9 
      handling field. 

    • Students will demonstrate decision-making and personal conduct consistent with the 
      professional standards of the K9 training field. 
      WEEK 1 
      I. Introduction and Goals A. Orientation 
      B. Introduction to K9 and proper equipment required throughout course C. Tour of kennel area and training grounds
      D. First aid and K9 care 
      II. Power point presentations and related quizzes A. K9 nose 

USK9 Unlimited Handler Course Curriculum-Dual Purpose; Revised May 2014 1 

B. Kennel safety/procedures C. Vet animal husbandry
D. Veterinary first aid
E. Vet olfactory and limitations F. Vaccines 
G. Vet occupational health
III. Introduction and observation of K9 performing: 
A. Detection 1. Scent 
2. Search pattern and proper line handling B. Obedience 
1. Training in Drive
2. Correct timing
3. Reward & Correction 
C. Patrol Functions 
1. Introduction to decoy work a. Bite suit 
b. Sleeve 2. Area searches 
3. Building searches D. Tracking 
1. Proper track laying 
2. Correct line handling
IV. Manual discussions/manual quiz 1-A 
V. Overview of training
VI. Review instructions for at home or weekend care of K9 
I. Narcotics & Explosives Detection
A. Proper search techniques
B. Proper line handling
C. Introduction to alerts: Aggressive & Passive
D. Overview of proper preparation & storage of training aids E. Scent Discrimination: The Multiple Imprint 
F. Separation II. Obedience 
A. Training in Drive
B. Reward & Correction
C. Practical Obedience Training 
1. Teaching proper eye contact 2. Heeling
3. Introduction to commands 
D. Practical Agility Training 1. Jumping 
2. Climbing
E. Operant Conditioning
F. Classical Conditioning
G. Chaining Behaviors & Stimuli H. De-Conditioning 

USK9 Unlimited Handler Course Curriculum-Dual Purpose; Revised May 2014 2 

III. Patrol functions
A. Building searches
B. Area searches
C. Introduction to Hidden Sleeve, Muzzle Work and Civil Protection 
IV. Tracking
A. Proper track laying
B. Scent Theory
C. Scent Discrimination Tracking/Trailing 
1. Hunt Drive Shaping 
2. Beginning Trails
V. Power point presentations and related quizzes: 
A. Exterior wall search B. Training aid prep 
C. Components of a command E. Principles of conditioning F. Reading K9 behavior
G. Record Keeping 
VI. Manual discussions/manual quiz 2-A VII. Overview of training 
I. Narcotic and Explosive Detection
A. Perfecting search technique and line handling B. Introduction to vehicle searches 
II. Obedience
A. Introduction to hand signals
B. Introduction to distance commands C. Practical Agility 
1. Open stairs 
2. Catwalk III. Patrol Functions 
A. Introduction to civil agitation B. Drives & Drive Development C. Prey Drive Development
D. Defense Drive Development E. Drive Channeling 
IV. Tracking
E. Perfecting line handling D. Introduction to corners 
V. Power point presentation and related quizzes: A. Obedience 
B. Police Tracking D. Vehicle Searches E. Decoy
F. Agitation basics 
VI. Manual Discussions/Manual quiz 3-A
USK9 Unlimited Handler Course Curriculum-Dual Purpose; Revised May 2014 3 

VII. Effective problem solving VIII. Overview of training 

I. Narcotic and Explosive Training A. Package/Luggage search
B. Traffic stops 
C. Conflicting odors 1. Balls/Kong’s 
2. PVC pipe 
3. Currency
D. Introduction to off-lead and retractable lead searches 
II. Obedience
A. Proper methods for off leash obedience B. Introduction to in-motion commands 
III. Patrol Functions A. Bailouts 
B. Out and Guard
C. Transports
D. Handler protection 
IV. Tracking
A. Split trails 
B. Hard surface tracking
V. Power point presentations and related quizzes 
A. Currency testing 
B. Package/Luggage search
VI. Manual Discussions/ Definitions Exam VII. Problem solving
VIII. Overview of training 

I. Narcotic and Explosive training
A. Advanced detection
B. Problem solving advanced detection issues C. Interdiction 
II. Obedience A. Recalls 
B. Introduction to tactical obedience III. Patrol functions 
A. Multiple Suspects
B. Passive Apprehensions C. Call Backs & Call Off’s 
IV. Tracking
A. Scent articles 

USK9 Unlimited Handler Course Curriculum-Dual Purpose; Revised May 2014 4 

B. Contaminated tracks
V. Power points and related quizzes 
A. Patrol K9 Law 
B. Court Preparation
VI. Final Review/Discussions relating to: 
A. Administrative 
B. Case Law: Apprehension
C. Case Law: Detection
D. Importance of record keeping
E. Training Regimen
F. Keeping the Explosives & Keeping Records 
1. ATF Licensing
2. Contamination Issues
3. Sterilization procedures 
G. K9 Policy & Guidelines for Use of K9 H. Liability & Negligence Issues
I. Legal Issues & Testimony 
VII. Overview of training
VIII. Certification and Handler Final Exam 
Roger Abshire-President Training Director 
United States K-9 Unlimited, Inc. 10919 Odilon Rd. Kaplan, Louisiana 
70548 USA 
(855) USK-9DOG