U S K 9  U N L I M I T E D

All handlers who successfully complete our training program leave with a solid foundation and knowledge to successfully handle their K9.  They also have 24-hour access to our trainers.  In order for any K9 team to be effective, a regular training schedule must be strictly followed.  We realize that once a team leaves our faculty, questions and training issues may arise.  Because of this, US K9 provides support not only to the handler but also to the departments who have invested their communities' money and trust. Our solution to this is to offer several opportunities for the teams to thrive. 
In order to address any ongoing handler and training issues, we offer a program for a year of maintenance or problem solving techniques. This program goes beyond the foundation that the K9 team was exposed to when first purchased and consists of training at US K9 Unlimited for one day a month for twelve months. With this refresher training, the handlers return to their departments with new information that they can apply to their current training program. Handlers come to the program prepared with any issues they want to address or areas they wish to improve on so that the day can be utilized to its fullest.  Record keeping will be reviewed for benefit of the team.
Should a year of maintenance be more than what a team desires, US K9 can evaluate a particular situation and make recommendations. Roger can customize a training day or a maintenance program that can be very effective in a K9 team's success. This can be applied to an individual handler or a department's K9 division. Because this is a custom plan, contact US K9 for prices.