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US K9 is driven to provide the most professional and successful Training Programs to our clients. Our client’s needs and satisfaction are our number one priority and concern. We want to make your experience a positive one!

To achieve an optimum level of success with your dog and for him/her to become an obedient dog for your family and your home, consistency and clear communication is key!

At US K9, we send you home empowered with a new skill set and a detailed protocol to make sure that all the good behavior and obedience we established at US K9 goes home with you. Simply put, the clients who are successful over the long haul, are the clients that follow through with the training.


The foundation of puppy imprinting includes all of the skills needed to get a head start on manners and beginner commands.

Sets a system for crate & potty training

Age Group Requirement: 12 weeks thru 5 months

Program Fundamentals Focusing On:
Sits ~ Downs ~ Recalls ~ Polite Leash Walking ~ Crate Potty
Training Imprinting

Program Price: $995​


Private sessions are conducted at US K-9’s facility or at your home.
This exclusive attention is specifically for you and your pet.

The private sessions are designed to help you with behavioral issues which may only take place at your home. We will evaluate the situation and help you understand why and how to address the behavioral issues.

Behavioral issues such as, fear, aggression, chasing neighbor’s pets, social anxiety, etc. We can tailor a training program that fits your needs.

Evaluation Sessions are specifically designed to test the capabilities of your pet to determine the best training program you are trying to achieve.

Program Price:
$125 / hour


30-Day Basic Board & Train “ON LEASH” Program

Your dog will be conditioned to Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, and Come.


Manners will be incorporated, such as, no jumping on people, and no pulling on leash when walking. Your pet will learn to Sit when coming to door and Move forward only on command.

Age Requirement: At least 6 months

Program Price: $1,895


Our Behavior Modification training is designed to expose the undesirable behaviors, identify the root of the unwanted behavior, restore confidence and teach the dogs how to interact in the family environment and in pubic situations.

**Specialty program prices will vary by each case, depending on the specialized training being requested.

Call for Pricing


30-Day Basic Board & Train “OFF LEASH” Program

This program follows the Basic Level 1 program in disciplines, however, all exercises are conducted and achieved OFF LEASH.


Your dog will learn through conditioning the following commands: Sit, stay, down, come, and heel.

Requirement: At least 12 months and completion of Level 1 – Basic
Obedience Program

Program Price: $2,795
**These are all taught with an Electronic Training Collar**

(based on dogs learning curve the course may be completed anywhere from 4-6 weeks)

(based on dogs learning curve the course may be completed before or
after the 30-day average)

(based on dogs learning curve the course may be completed before or after the 30-day/4 week average)

(additional travel cost may be added to per hour charge depending on distance to your home)

(additional may be added depending on distance)

Call 337-316-0477 or email us to enroll!

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