U S K 9  U N L I M I T E D

USK9 Unlimited offers a dog training methodology that is based on Mother Nature.  This course seeks to achieve an inner equipoise between canine and human.  Our program was established in 1989 and has been evolving and improving ever since.  This highly revolutionary interaction between human and dog brings value to the pet owner, K9 dog handler, professional trainer, or anyone who would like to be enlightened and empowered in this art of communicating with canines through clear flow of information between human and canine.  


   This is channeled through the body’s energy, emotion, physical motions and verbal gestures.  

USK9 is proud of its renowned reputation throughout the law enforcement community, as well as the general public, as true consummate professionals.  We are driven by our love of interaction with canines.  And we are eager to teach you what we know so that  you and your dog can have a long, happy, and mutually productive life together. Contact us so that we can get started!